Writer’s Block

Warning : Reading this will not help you with your writer’s block issues.

I was once run out of idea on what to write. I remember that day I went to a coffee shop to have some inspiration, just like other writers. I managed to write almost five hundred words in half an hour then everything went blank. I have no more words to write. I stayed calm, thinking and imagining. Still, I was totally helpless.

So I decided to googled ‘How to overcome writer’s block.’ So many links came out. I was so excited to know that I was not the only one having that problem. Every writers do! So I read on.

I read more.


And more.

Until I realized I had wasted my one hour writing time reading about overcoming the problem most writers have. Which at the end, the only solution they give was ‘keep writing’ (exactly, that was my question too, how can we keep writing when we have no idea what to write, right?).

However, I like this quote from Stephen King from his popular writing book On Writing,

 ‘One word at a time’.

Yes, even if you only produce one single word in your mind. Write it down. Because what matter is, your effort of being there, gluing your butt on the writing seat you have. Setting your mind to think that you are now writing not doing anything else, let alone googling writing idea. Because the idea will eventually come, one way or another. So keep writing, just write whatever comes to mind.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a type writer and bleed. _Hemingway


NB: Indonesian version for this will be on the next post.


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