How I Edit My Instagram Pictures.

This will be a brief post as seriously not much to explain. Since I have been asked alot how I produce a crisp clean picture for my instagram account. I do not use lightroom (not at the moment) and most of my flatlay pictures were taken with my Ipad.

So, here it is. I promise it is so easy and simple. Just a piece of cake!


This is one of my pic in Ig. This is the original photo, only cropped. This was taken at 4pm, the only light source was from window.

You know, I am a big fan of VSCO app. Yeay!!!

Uploaded the picture to Vsco and picked a preset.


See the difference now? But I did not really like that kind of exposure, so I adjusted
the brightness, contrast and saturation.

Brightness +1, Contrast -1 and Saturation -1 . Can you spot the tiny weeny bit difference?

All done, now ready to be posted!😊

What is your favorite Vcso preset?


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  1. i’m your big fans of your ig. I followed you from a few months ago. And i always love your snapshots. I think, it’s not the apps that make your photos look gorgeous, but it’s all about your eyes!
    Keep making good ones and i begging you, please share it a lot about photography! I’ll be stay tune!
    Thanks mbak vienaaa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah you are very kind! Thank you so much! I am still learning too, so many things I haven’t known yet so I figured sharing what I learned will help me improve and get better at it.


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