Photographing Food

Few months ago, my husband friend, who works at one of the well known Magazine in the country, documenting how we, Acehnese people, prepare, cook and eat the famous kari kambing (goat curry) which used plenty of spices, I remember counting them, I think there were about twenty seven all together.

What caught me was the way that professional photographer photographing the food. What he got were ;

1. Camera (of course being professional he got to have professional camera).

2. Foam board for reflector. You know, the one we can buy anywhere at stationary shops.

3. White thin wooden board for the base (the one we use for craft).

4. And plain grey cloth (this was not necessary).

The technique? 

A plate of rice with plenty of kari kambing, a glass of water and the side dish to accompany the main one. He arranged them all on the white thin board on the table just by the window side, ask a friend to hold the foam board across the window and tried different angles (above, lower, sometime moved the plate closer, further, rotate the glass and the side dish) then click, clik, clik. He got a magazine worth pictures. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. snapsbynina says:

    great!! I’ll have to try this 🙂


    1. Yes, it works well for me. Good luck! 😉


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