Writing For Myself

After posting my last post, which was sixteen days ago, I read about ‘Why You Need to Stop Blogging and Regain Your Writing Soul’ by Jeff Goins.

He said,

“Writing solely for others can cost you your writing soul.”

As much as I have been telling myself that this blog is for improving my writing, for disciplining myself in writing and for working on my passion which are photography and writng, I can not deny that deep down inside me I feel so excited when people like and comment on it.

I also realise that I have been doing writing and photographing merely prestige, for other people to love it.

So I stopped blogging for those long while and tried to write for myself. Which turns out, it makes me feel good about myself. And now it is time to return to the blog.

Still, as human, being liked give me pleasure and the warm, tingly feeling in the heart.



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