Morning Light

Wishing you all a beautiful day! All pics edited with Vsco. 

Black And White 

Some random pictures on my ipad since the past year. Some taken with phone while others using dslr. Even the ugly part worth sharing 😋. Edited with vsco B1 only.     

Read Like A Writer

It would be a waste if I do not post this one as I find it very intriguing to read and hopefully you will have much benefit as I do from reading this post. I am a fan of any writing blogs, tips or anything to do with writing. Copyblogger is one of my favorites. From all the…

Kite Runner Series

These were my first personal project I did last year. First time I went out for days and took pictures of people in public place. From all these pictures (I took more than 500 hundreds in total for four days) I learnt a lot. The lighting, the composition, angle, and especially how focus were these…