Kite Runner Series

These were my first personal project I did last year. First time I went out for days and took pictures of people in public place. From all these pictures (I took more than 500 hundreds in total for four days) I learnt a lot. The lighting, the composition, angle, and especially how focus were these all. Which I was not satisfied in general yet I learn more. Everytime I look at these pictures, there is always something come to mind like, “I should have change the setting”, “the iso was so high”, “I should move closer to the subject”, “I should have made sure the focus light was on before I pressed the shutter button”, and on and on. Well, mistakes were there to learn.

Kite Runner Series (2)


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  1. You have a beautiful collection here. I love the shots where they all looked up and the boys holding their kites. Full of excitement.


    1. Thank you! What I really like about these series are the expression of all the children here, just like you said, full of excitement. Thats why I am really into street photography lately, looking at people expression through the lens. Have a great day!

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