Read Like A Writer

It would be a waste if I do not post this one as I find it very intriguing to read and hopefully you will have much benefit as I do from reading this post. I am a fan of any writing blogs, tips or anything to do with writing. Copyblogger is one of my favorites. From all the posts I have read, this is my most favorite. There, you will find some useful links on how to be an amazing writer, by reading like a writer. Don’t we all want it? Be amazing on the things we love to do? Gangrey and Longform were listed among other links. Overwhelmed on how beautifully written most of articles in there, I can’t stop myself from reading. Each words lingered upon me. The way the words written down haunt me every night and I dream about them. Not in a bad dream way though. I might sound exaggerating  a bit here, but I urge you to read them if you haven’t. Those articles are prove, I have many more to read and learn.

What do you like to read to improve your writing skill? 


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