Gone With The Wind

In an attempt to make myself writing/posting consistently for my blog, I write little snippets almost everyday. I also jot down some ideas for blogging. 
Once in awhile I write a long story, thinking I will post it on this blog. And after Re-reading it, it isn’t worth posting yet. Too Raw, too complicated, no one is gonna like it. Nobody is going to read it. To cheer myself up, I say, at least I am writing, that is a progress. 

But yesterday, I wrote a post. No draft. I wrote it straight on the blog. It was long enough and I was very happy with it. I even planned where to put pictures and links. If anything happened, I was sure this would be automatically saved to the draft. 

I was wrong. 

The internet was so bad. I clicked POST, it was not working, so I clicked SAVE. 

I waited. A task I do not like.

Then it came ‘error while loading page’. 

I thought, well at least it would go to the draft box. 

It didn’t.

I checked the next day and nothing was there. 

I sighed. 

Better management next time!
Have you ever experienced the same thing? How do you feel?


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