I had not turned into someone who is good at taking pictures yet. I can’t even call myself an amateur. 

Last week, I borrowed some photography magazines from library. When I checked out, the man behind the desk said, ‘you like taking pictures, huh?’

Without any hesitation and a slight proud in me I said yes. 

He asked me whether I was in any photography community or not. I told him I had no idea there was a photography community here because I am new to this town. 

Then he explained about the community. But what got me was not the community. It was the way he talked about cameras, lenses, the equipments, how to edit this and that. He talked full length with only comas in each breath taking. It was a very long paragraph. And I was speechless. I did not run out of words. I was just lost. All I did was nodded and smiled here and there. Of course I did not tell him I do not know any of the things he was telling me because all I do is just taking pictures. I own this type of camera, this type of lens, and that’s it. I know no more. 

So before he could asked me anything, I told him I had to go. As I walked away, my mind began to wonder, I shall learn more so I know what I am doing. I find passion in photography. 

And passion, I discover, is something you do with knowledge. 


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  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    If you find passion in photography, then you should certainly follow your passion – make sure that you do! Photography is a wonderfully creative thing, and a wonderful means of self-expression. I have been taking photos for around 60 years, I’m an old man! And this old man urges you forward with your passion – as is said these days >>> go for it!!! Adrian 🙂


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