Planning the Future

Most of my posts on this blog have been about explaining my procrastination. Here and there I had stopped blogging and then showed up explaining why, saying how I regret it and promise not to do it again (kind of). Here again I am doing the same thing, and again I promise it will get better tgis time. But no matter what, I have to do it, somehow I still think I ought to change, and I should start somewhere. So here again, I begin again. 

My to do list for this month :

  1. One Day One Juz. This is my commitment to read AlQuran one juz (around ten pages) a day. It is my religious commitment and I have been doing it for a month now. 
  2. Jogging. I should strengthen this again as I have left behind now. I used to jog everyday and now I always have excuses for not doing it.
  3. Write. I challenge myself to do NaNo writing for this month and I have to write 1700 words a day. 
  4. Photograhy. Take at least one picture a day. And post pictures on Instagram one a day.
  5. Blog post everyday. Anything. 
  6. Read at least one article from Longform or read twenty pages from a novel. 

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