Blog On

Ten years ago, I started my first blog. I can not recall the reason I did so. I just remember I love writing so much and I wanted to write something I could share with people.

I was studying in Auckland, New Zealand at that moment. Far away from family and friends. The easiest source of communication at that time were through emails and yahoo messengers. I had to stay at the library to have access to the internet. 

Living in a new place and english as daily language made me lonely. I had friends here and there but still I was homesick. So I wrote mostly about myself, what I did that day and how I felt toward things I encountered. 

I did not have a lot of reader, it was only around ten or so but it already made me happy especially the comments they had written. 

Sometimes there were days when I only wrote short posts or when nobody commented on them. But writing my thoughts down made me happy enough. Blogging was something I looked forward to. 

When I came back to my hometown, I stopped blogging. I had no time for it anymore. Well, I would have time if I made any but I just did not think it was important anymore. After a few months, I went back and reread most of the posts I had written. It was all personal. Somehow I felt ashamed because I wrote those down for public to read. So I deleted it. Looking back, I regret doing so. Especially after I listen to Mena trott ted talk about blogging. It might be an old one but I found it inspirational and heart warming. 

I should keep blogging. 


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