Coming from a certain place, country, suburb, a village or whatever we call it makes us think that when we meet someone or some people and we tell them where we are from, we expect them to know that place. At least that what i used to think. 

About ten years ago, I went to New Zealand. It was my first time going abroad. When friends from Japan, China, India, Korea or other countries ( I am most familiar with ) asked me where I am from and I told them Indonesia. To my surprise, some of them heard that name for the first time. Let alone when I told them I was from Aceh, one of Indonesia provinces, it left them stared in blank. 

At that time, to give them the easiest clues I told them it was a province that was hit by the devastated tsunami in 2004. Then they started to nod and their mouth made ‘oohh’ form which indicated either they knew or they have heard about it but still did not know whereabouts. 
Now after seeing more new places and meeting more new people I realise I am actually in my friends’ position. There are so many places in this world I have never heard of before and sure their names are strange to my ears. But with the technology and information at our fingertips, we can be at many places at the same time. 


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