How They Do It

Every time when i am sitting on my writing seat elbows on the writing table, fingers holding tightly to the pen and eyes staring at the blank paper (Most of the time I use wrinkle papers from my five years old son after he is not satisfied with the paper plane he made and toss it away), I can lose track of any inspiration I once had. 

Instead of writing down whatever comes to mind, I usually find myself already grabbing ipad and type one of inspirational bloggers. I start by looking on their archives and click on the oldest dates or months or years of their post. Just to know how they did it. What makes their blogs so famous and all other things me, as a blogger who barely gain any audience wants to know. 

And what I always find is that they started with nothing. Nothing that interesting, nothing that popular, nothing much. Yet they kept going. One post at a time. Until they excel in whatever their blog is about. 


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