Shots From Bathroom 

It is hard to believe it’s the end of the year already. And the fact that I haven’t done anything to get close to my dream of being ‘someone’ makes me upset enough. I had made plans and it did not turn the way I wanted it to be. Lack of motivation was also the case. I procrastinate too much. I told my husband he has to help me by pushing me harder so I will get ‘there’. And his answer hit me hard enough, ‘I can’t push you if you can’t be pushed’. It reminds me of the (maybe around 100kg) log we picked in the wood sometimes ago for my photography project. It took four men to push it and now it is just sitting on the porch because nothing I could do about it because of its heaviness.   
So today, while in the bathroom taking wudhu (for praying) I took a selfie because I couldn’t resist the mirror on the wall. Then when I notice the place was so empty, I couldn’t help not to take pictures and convert them into black and white to make them tell more of its story. 

Shoe rack just outside the bathroom.


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