Hello March!

Hi again! We are in yet another month in this 2017. And I have been slacking too many posts I could not even remember when the last one was. The past short month (only twenty eight days) has been colorful and exciting enough. Though most of my time were spent at home and meeting friends from home to home. I also did some photo shot for kindergarten graduation preparation. Then me and some other friends went out practicing our photography skills. One most memorable part from last month was my husband and I went out for a rally, he just wanted to see and I wanted to take pictures. Very much unprepared! I did not charge the battery the night before, nor did I made sure my memory card was not full. I went out praying, ‘please don’t die… please don’t die’ (talking to my camera from one mind to another). More stories on that post later.

Anyway, time is ticking, days keep passing with us do and do not do anything, so please make sure and promise ourselves that this month, starting from today we will be a better person. That resolution we had made is going to happen <- that is a self reminder for myself too <- Have a good day and remember ;

"Productivity means getting important things done consistently, it is about maintaining a steady, average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything"_ James Clear.


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