My Paris Kitchen : a book review

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It is not until yesterday did I read My Paris Kitchen book after it has been on my bookshelf for almost a week. I do not own the book though, I just happen to fall in love with culinary world lately (in term on finding inspirations for my food photography and yummy yet easy recipes) so I have been borrowing books from library.

Besides great recipes (I made two already recipes from this book already and due to limited ingredients I have, I adjusted some spices or other things to suit me), MPK offers a good insight and takes us through the journey of the author cooking life in Paris.

What intrigued me is the author, David Lebovitz, is not a Parisian, he is an American and it gives us another advantage of seeing Paris and its wonderful culinary culture through the eyes of the outsider. If someone does not come from that place but he feels he belongs in that society, what else can be better?

In order to cook well, we need to know our ingredients (this is me speaking and honestly I still don’t know what I put in my food, I just do what it says in the recipes). Here in MPK, the author, explains some ingredients, not all in a fun easy way for us to understand its origin for example, its kind and his own recommendation of what to use where.

And the pictures? What made me borrow the book in the first place was its cover, they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but with this book, please do so. It is eye catching. I know that kind of pictures we can see it everywhere now especially for food photography. But look at it! I have no words to describe it . I know it is just someone, faceless, holding a skillet filled with nicely golden brown colored chicken parts just to make your mouth water and made us wander how on earth our cooked chicken never look like that?

Pictures are always better printed. Do not store them in your hard-disk or memory card or phone or your computer (I still do that, ups!). Print them made them visible. Put them in the book!! They will look so much better and tell more stories you can not describe with words. The photographer, Ed Anderson, worth mentioning here took remarkable pictures not only they catch readers’s eyes but also they tell stories from the writer/cooks’ view.

Great recipes, great stories, great pictures, great book.

Do you have any favorite recipes books that you love to share?


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