How To Manage Your Time

I want to write, I want to study. I want to cook, I want to try new recipe. I want to read, I want to hang out with friends. I want to do so many things at the same time but I do not have time. I am so overwhelmed with all the things I want to do and it makes me wonder if I ever get anything done. And most of the time, I am not.

It is the problem we all face in our life. I have a friend who I hang out with most of the time and she is also taking online university. Just like me, she is a mother too. Last week when I bake cheesecake which I shared with some other friends, she said that I must be having plenty of times in my hand because I have time to do fun things while she struggled with her daily life as mother and studying. My answer was, I had not done any assignments yet.

The reason why I had not done any assignments, which at the moment is one of the important things I should do, was not because I am busy doing another important thing. But because I was and am distracted by other things. I know nothing about getting stuff done. And I do not know how to manage my time. Just like the sun setting in the horizon, the time I have is that short.

So just like any other things I want to do in my life, I google everything, I do the same with this one. ‘HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME’

I come upon this blog, a favorite of mine, a must follow, an inspiration, eye opening, and a mind blowing.



Even the name is so intriguing.

Anyway, in this blog, which all based on research, what it says there, there is a guy call Cal Newport, a professor, a father of two, published books, and tons of academic papers. So how can he manages his time?

So here are his tips:

Don’t schedule distractions. Schedule deep work.
Deep work is the stuff that make you get noticed. Get a good mark. Get promotion. Get to published your book. In my case as a student, I have to study, therefore I have to make learning schedule. Or writing schedule if I want to be a writer.
Distraction is scheduling for doctor appointment or meeting with friends, or just checking email or social media.
So schedule deep work, do the most important thing first and make it a priority.

Keep a scoreboards for deep work.
Scoreboards is a large board that displays score in a game or a match.
In my case as an aspiring writer, I have to write every day. What I mean by every day is every single day. What do writer do after all? They write.
By having scoreboards, we keep track of how many times we have spent our time to do things that lead us to our dream job.
Here is my favorite article on how Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret. He keeps a big calendar to be on track.

Stop saying yes if you want to get things done.
I say yes every time a friend asked me to hang out. Well, most of the time. Even when I have not done what I think is more important. I procrastinate on a big task and do something else instead. Now I know why I don’t get things done around here.
So I should start prioritizing deep work, work that will have profound impact in my life, work that requires my skill.

Have a deep work ritual.
Ritual is an action which is done regularly. It is powerful. It trains our brain and make tasks get easier every time we do it.

Via barkingupthewrongtree:

If you can train your ability to focus and then fight to make time for real intense focused work in your schedule, you are absolutely going to thrive in this economy while the people sitting next to you are going to look up one day from their facebook to feed and realized they have been left behind.

So let’s make the change, be the person we want to be.

For more on how to manage your time, here is the link from barkingupthewrongtree.


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