Raja Ampat Again

We were late. The plane was about to board in twenty minutes, and we were still on the road moving very slow as the traffic before us were busy. By the time our car rolled its wheels in the airport parking lot, I rushed the kids to get their belongings and made sure nothing left behind. I took out our IDs and printed plane tickets on the phone and was about to rush our way inside while a man I could not even remember what color his uniform was (yes I am pretty sure he was wearing uniform) asking me which plane we were taking. He said the Garuda plane has not boarded yet. I suddenly felt my muscle relax. We did not miss our plane, at last. Yet we still needed to catch up.

Strapped in my seat as the small Garuda mounted through dense cloud cover on its way to Sorong. I looked out of the window, my son was sitting by its side so it was a bit difficult to see outside properly. Yet the bright blue sky that followed afterward was such a sigh for my sore eyes. I could take lots of pictures with my camera just for that one view only.

Once the plane was in the sky, we talked about the car. How we should not left the car parked too long in the airport, how we made sure this kind of thing should not happen anymore. It was a lesson to be learnt.


In about sixty-five minutes the plane touched the ground. Just like other people, my son began unfastening his seatbelt and started to stand, he could not wait any longer to get off the plane. Nor did we. It was almost two in the afternoon already and we were late again. This time for the ferry. My husband started pulling our bags from the overhead lockers and once again I made sure the kids moved quickly. From the window when waiting in the line we could see the ocean, all the while praying the ferry will left the harbor a little bit later.

When you are in a hurry, waiting is your biggest enemy. Waiting for our luggage to came out through the conveyor seemed like the longest hours. We moved as fast as we could by the time we got everything in the trolly. Lucky we found a taxi driver who got a friend who works at the ferry. He called his friend and told him he got passengers with him and ask him to wait because we were on the way. We rushed our way to the dock after getting out from the car. Carrying heavy backpacks with kids in each hand we started a little jog. Every one was busy so we did not turn into the center attention. I could feel the sweat running down my back though the sun was not too hot. The ferry was still waiting. We climbed on. It’s time to relax.


My husband called a lady from the homestay who had been very nice assisting us since we said we will stay at their homestay, letting her know we did not miss the ferry. I could hear she shouted, ‘Puji Tuhan!’ which means ‘Praise the God!’. I guess she was as happy as we were.


The ferry reached the harbor and we were welcomed by our homestay owner, the father and mother and a little brother of the lady we talked earlier. They had been waiting for us for awhile. We got on the blue long boat and not long, the boat pulled itself away from the dock. I could smell the fresh ocean water, feel the wind on my face, hear the wave leaping against the boat and we were in Raja Ampat again.

Note: This post is a week late, I should have posted this last week but trying really hard to load it as the internet was on and off and in a very slow motion. After long time trying I gave up and enjoyed the best week without gadget.


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  1. natnzin says:

    Hey hey, beautiful pictures and I enjoyed reading this so much. What’s the homestay you stayed in RA? Zin x


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