Stay Raja Ampat

You have to taste a culture to understand it. _Deborah Cater.

The last rays of the afternoon sun peering through the smoke between green leaves became a reminder of beauty can come from anything. The smoke was from burning dried leaves nearby. I stood before my camera, my right hand on the tripod when someone approached me and asked what pictures I was taking.

In the “traditional” kitchen, some ladies were preparing dinner. There were seven guests staying at the homestay on the first day we arrived. Today, only us left. So hubby made a special order from the owner to make us chili sauce “sambal” to go with our dinner. Especially since they made grilled fish. 

The kitchen.

Cooking Rice.

Fish wrapped in banana leaves.

Grilled fish ready.

A very proud chef.

This was our second stay in Raja Ampat and both time we stayed at homestay with local family because we wanted to get to know local people more. The owners were so lovely and funny, they did their best to make sure we were having great times. I would say the pictures will do the talking better than me. 

Insemina who runs the homestay.

Daut with “T”.

One of the relatives who lives nearby, enjoying a cuppa with cigarette.

Insemina’s aunt.
The “backyard”.

Maria, a diver guide with her laundry.

The picture tells all.

My kids with Daut, and his sisters were trying to catch fish for fun. They caught two and let them go again. 
Fresh coconut from the tree.

Ready to drink.


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