My Photo Project

On an advance note: This is me mumbling 🙂

What comes to mind when we first moved here was that I wanted to do a photo project. I wanted to take pictures on the street. Daily life of people who live here in Timika, Papua. As days went by, the idea kept getting strong. But I have problem. I life in a place, far away to reach ‘the outside world’ I wanted to capture. I have children to take care of. I could not just leave them since my husband is working too. I grew irritated. I had plan. Yet I could not execute it. My only chance was during Saturday out and about. Every Saturday, our family would go to traditional market. Buying daily needs. So I thought I would take my chance there. However, it was not easy. As it turned out, the ladies who sell their stuffs at the market, did not want their picture to be taken. They would say no and sometimes get mad. So I stopped.

Though I do not want to lose hope, I still does not know what to do with my plan. I even found the project name, Introducing Papua. Taken from a book written by Cal Muller about Papua. But my approach would be different. I want the picture to tell its own story. I will just add a little caption on it.

The idea behind the project was because, when we told our family and friends we were about to move here, the first thing that came to their mind was dark skin people wearing no clothes, only tiny part covering their under part and women wearing no tops only traditional skirt made of from leave or that kind of thing. How can I read their mind? Because that is exactly what they said to us. And I am not blaming them for that. That is true, that’s the native culture. How they have lived. But what I wanted to tell through my pictures was there is more to that. There are so many new comers here. People from outside Papua island like Java, Sulawesi, Makassar have come to live in this place. So many beautiful things to see. How friendly people are (in their own way). And of course, life here is so divers. They live a lifestyle like no others. Because each of us unique in our own way.

Anyway, street photography takes a lot of courage. Braveness and patience. “A thousand mile journey begins with the first step – and only can be taken one step at a time.”

My post regarding this project at the moment can be seen here, here, here and here.


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