Start Small, Start Easy.

Start Now!

In my entire life of being an aspiring writer, what define me is my action. I told people I have passion in writing, I love writing.

Yet the most crucial thing is I do not really write.

Maybe I just love the idea of being a writer, or called a writer. A writer who does not write is not a writer, she is an aspiring writer.

If you look up on the dictionary, aspiring means ‘directing one’s hopes or ambitions toward becoming a specified type of people.’

A writer do write.

When a writer does not write anymore, that’s the end of it.

I had a small discussion about me complaining about what topic should I write for the local newspaper I am contributing to at the moment. I had been stuck for weeks. I had not write a single word.

In fact, I had vision myself, far beyond my goal. I am visioning the result, what become of it despite of just write about it. About anything.

I was told to just write. Just do it. Write what I know.

But the thing is I did not do it. I did not take the action to write.

Then I came upon this quote ‘Your life would improve if you took the action you have been avoiding.’_Darren Rowse.

Stop procrastinating. Keep dreaming. And take action.

This post is for self-motivation. Inspired by 7 ways you are talking yourself out of doing anything worthwhile.


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