A Day in Makassar

The rain seemed to be persistent these few days. Arriving in Makassar early afternoon we were welcomed by gloomy sky and wet ground. Either we came in the wrong weather or the weather was just paying its due. But it was holiday season. School holiday had just started and the kids were eager to go somewhere and I was determined to leave home. And it was rainy season as well. However, the holiday must go on.


Ignoring the misty weather, we left for Fort Rotterdam. By the time we got to the historic place built by the Dutch in 17th century, the blue sky welcomed us. The slogan in giant letters saying ‘Fort Rotterdam’ as well as a statue of Sultan Hasanuddin on horseback were displayed at the front gate.

Fort Rotterdam or Benteng Ujung Pandang also known as Benteng (fort) Pannyuwa (which in indonesian mean penyu (tortoise)) because shaped like tortoise. Tortoise is an animal that can live both in land and in the ocean which symbolize the kingdom goals.

La Galigo museum located inside the fort area, displayed historical objects such as miniature of Bugis, Makassar and Toraja traditional houses, various kind of badiks, traditional instruments and among other things the remains of past voyages can be seen almost at every corner.

From fort rotterdam we headed off to an old port called Paotere. Famous for its phinisis. Phinisi is a traditional ship known as Bugis’s ship from Bulukumba which used to relied on wind to sail. Now its stern has been equipped with engines.

By the time we got there the sun was scorching hot above the head. Yet the port was crowded with wooden ships resting at the jetty.

There was not much activity going on by the time I was walking around there. Only couple of people pushing a cart containing ice blocks. A cart full of big sacks of cocoa beans was park in the middle of the road. I walked towards a yellow wooden ships where some men gathered. They were porters waiting for their turns to carry each big sacks to waiting trucks. One man who were sitting at the edge of the ship called me to hop on to see the inside part. Tons of seaweed just arrived from Flores and waited to be unloaded.

We stopped by at a famous Coto Nusantara for lunch. Though there were many other varieties to choose from, this one was a good option that located not far from the port.


We ended the trip at Losari beach. The city slogans such as “City Of Makassar”, “Bugis”, “Toraja”, statue of phinisi dominates along the beach area. Various shops in the beach area were getting ready for their customers ignoring the dense gray cloud approaching from afar.


On an advance note: A post on Paotere port will be up on the blog tomorrow. Because I thought the pictures need to be presented on its own.


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