The World I Have Seen

When I made this blog, what came to mind was I wanted to have a platform for my writing hobby. I needed a place to express my feeling in words, tell stories through pictures I took. By having a blog I thought it will encourage me to write more and be accountable that I have a blog therefore I need to publish something.

Inspired by Martha Gelhorn’s, one of my favorite female writer and journalist, The Trouble I Have Seen, where she wrote about the great depression during war, here on my blog I want to tell stories about THE WORLD I HAVE SEEN, places I have been, people I have met, the culture I got to mingle in, and the simple things in the everyday life.

This will also be my work focusing on women empowerment, women who rise and turn the world better around them. A mother, a social worker, an employee, a teacher, a journalist etc.

So be it happiness or despair, every story worth telling.


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